High Performance • Energy Conserving • Max Drain Intervals • Better Fuel Economy

100% Synthetic Motor Oil Benefits Include:

Improved Performance - Extended drain intervals that go far beyond those recommended for conventional oils  - Money saved with fewer oil and filter changes  - Reduction of waste oil helps minimize impact on the environment - Resists thermal breakdown  - Improved gas mileage - Decreases oil consumption - Reduced foreign oil dependence - Fewer oil changes each year saves you time - Decreases operating temperature - Maintains a clean engine - Easier cold starting - Longer oil change intervals mean less oil and filters used - Reduces Friction - Decreases wear - Inhibits oxidation - American Made. 

It's the best you can buy!

TEXAS TEA Motor Oil uses the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology to create 100% synthetic lubricants.100% synthetic oil is better than conventional motor oil for your car, truck, motorcycle, SUV and the environment. TEXAS TEA provides increased wear protection and reduced tailpipe emissions so your car runs longer and less particulate matter escapes into the air.

American Petroleum Institute Certification / Service Marks                         TEXAS TEA  API License #2399

TEXAS TEA  API License #2399